Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a council licensed home boarder?

Yes we are licensed with East Hampshire District Council. Licence number 37135.
As a relatively new business we currently have a 2 star rating.

Do you accept intact dogs?

Unfortunately as a general rule we no longer accept unneutered males over 12 months old for boarding/daycare.

We do accept intact females but please make us aware when they are expected in season.

Do you accept raw feeding?

We raw feed ourselves and have plenty of spare freezer room if that's your chosen diet as well!

What should I bring for overnight boarding?

We ask you to bring the required amount of food for your pups stay (and maybe a little extra, just in case) You're welcome to bring their bed, blanket or a favourite toy but we can provide a bed if needed.

How can I check on my pet during their stay?

We're happy to keep you posted by Whatsapp with pictures and updates. You'll also find updates on Instagram and our Facebook page.

Where will my dog sleep?

Every guest dog has a designated room they can call their own and this is where they will sleep. It definitely doesn't mean your dog is locked up in a room all day though!

Will my dog get a walk?

Yes, they'll be plenty of walks with our own dogs and some of the others we walk in the week. All our guests have free rein of the garden during their stay.
At the weekend they might even get treated to a trip to the beach or somewhere else exciting!

Tell me about group walks?

Walks last for around an hour depending on the days route and how fast (or slow) everyone goes!
We aim for an absolute maximum of 6 but this very much depends on the dogs in the group.
Normally we stick to a group of 4, your dog needs to be sociable and comfortable travelling in close proximity with others.
We have a professionally caged van for transporting dogs around the area.

What areas do you cover?

For dog walking we cover Four Marks and the surrounding villages.

Registration Forms

Please feel free to download and complete a registration form or complete it online after confirming your requirements with us.